Our Story

Peaches Records and Tapes

The first Peaches Records and Tapes store opened in Atlanta, GA in 1975.  With the huge success upon opening and with support from their loyal fan base, they eventually opened around 45 stores... peaking in the late 70’s.  By this time, they had opened up in most major markets all throughout the United States. 

Peaches was THE place to be with their vast inventory, knowledgeable staff, and constant music promotions. 

The iconic Peaches logo was inspired by the California mountains and fruit groves, and was fused with a Georgia style peach crate to hold your personal vinyl collection. Today, Peaches Record Crates carries on the legacy of building these timeless crates for both old and new collectors alike.  Our craftsmen quality crates are the perfect addition to your collection and are handmade in the USA.


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