Our Process

Peaches Record Crates are more than just a crate, they are an icon. A reflection of an era and more importantly the perfect home for your collection. Hand crafted with as much attention to detail as you give your vinyls...

We make everything out of raw lumber. The right way.
We start out by ripping the boards down to width, and we plane the boards down to precise height. Then use a miter/cut off saw to cut to length.

Then we add pocket holes to the frames/end caps, and secure with pocket hole screws and a touch of wood glue. A drill press is used to countersink all the holes for the wooden slats to make it easier to assembly and without the worry of wood splitting.

Then all the corners are slightly taken off by hand sanding (so the edges aren't super sharp and feel smooth to the touch). Then lastly, everything is sanded with a furniture quality high grit. No point doing this at the start, since things can get nicked along the way.

We put a whole lot of time and effort into each one, making sure its a quality product that you can feel comfortable putting your timeless classics in. Although these crates will remind you of the ones you used to get, these are better in every way. Its a product you'll feel proud to display and showcase your collection in.